Monday, September 14, 2009

Complaining about complaining cancels my complaining out...right?

I’m an abrasive person. Most of the time, I say how I feel unless it could get me in trouble or physically injured and even then I come close to crossing the line sometimes. I have just been very intolerant lately of people who seem to get off on self-pity. I am a complainer by nature. I feel like I am always complaining but I think there is a difference between venting and sucking the life out of those around you about the same thing over and over again. I’m just not good at faking sympathy for people who choose not to do anything about their situation. For instance, I’ve been overweight a long time but you don’t see me crying in public every day because I’m fat because if I did, I would expect the response to be… “Quit eating then!” I don’t know I just don’t feel sorry for people who aren’t willing to bend or change or realize the error of their ways. I have examples from my life that I could share but I don’t think I need to. I think everyone knows someone that just drains the blood from them every time they speak to you. These people have made me lose faith that people can change. I spent a good portion of my college years waiting for people to change, one person in particular. They still haven’t changed so I’m glad I got off my behind and realized that just like you wouldn’t fuel up on arsenic, you shouldn’t surround yourself with toxic, poisonous people…although it’s sometimes unavoidable.
Since we are talking about complaining, or I guess I am…I wanted to express my irritation with the major grocery store chains like Wal-Mart and Target. I am not going to discuss the usual complaint which is that they rob Mom & Pop shops from thriving but instead, I want to launch a whole new complaint all together. It seems like every time I find something that I LIKE to eat that isn’t bad for you and tastes good and is filling, I only find it once. I have had several occasions where I go back for something I fell in love with only to find a piss poor substitute. NEWSFLASH WAL-MART & TARGET—when you sell out of something, you should probably bring it back! I love chicken cordon blue and there was a frozen version that wasn’t bad and they didn’t have it again. They’ve been out of my broccoli, my cream cheese and all kinds of things. That drives me absolutely nuts. I spend a lot of money at these places, especially for a single person, and I expect them to quit providing me with swine clap and hepatitis from their shopping carts and bathrooms and instead give me the freaking chicken I like. I MEAN YOU DON’T MESS WITH A BIG GIRLS CHICKEN! I’m sorry…I didn’t realize I was going to get angrier as I typed. The point is that I just want my pre-breaded, fully cooked, ham & cheese stuffed chicken breast for seven points you know…YOU KNOW? The next time I find them, I will buy them all…I no longer care about the concerned looks from cashiers based on my grocery decisions…that went out the window a LONG time ago.

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  1. I'm very sorry you're around deatheater(s)...

    And, if you want me to, you know I'll help you make signs and we can picket Target and Wally World until they get your chicken!!!


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