Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's all about me...

Naturally, I woke up this morning stuffy and sore and someone else at work has a child with the “swine clap.” I can’t take credit for that name…thanks Jordan. So, again, I’m all paranoid but I am pretty sure I am sans fever at this point so I am thinking a Sudafed and 12 ibuprofen may be the trick. Also, I did what my mother always told me to do when I didn’t feel well and went to sit on the toilet. The magical single stall downstairs at work was occupied so that was my sign that I needed to wait awhile to see if that trick will work for my ailments.
Last night was trivia night and the potato wedges were SO worth a sandwich without cheese at lunch. One of my friends that plays for another trivia team pulled me to the side and told me she could tell I was losing weight so I was completely elated because it’s always nice to hear. So, I told her it felt good when people can tell and she said sometimes it takes awhile for people notice and then proceeds to tell me she has also lost about 30 pounds. Immediately, I could tell. She looks really good but at that point I had already neglected to say a word and had successfully talked about myself for 5 minutes. So, the dilemma was…do I look like a jackass and go…”you look good too!” OR I could just not say anything…which makes me look mean. I went with option B only because the window of time had passed to tell her she looked great…which she really did but I was so vain that I didn’t notice. I have GOT to remember that I am not the only person on this planet trying to lose weight.
You know, for someone who has self esteem issues dating back to a very young age, I am extremely self involved. Ask anyone that knows me, if we sit down to dinner and there is a mirror ANYWHERE near…you can forget me looking you in the eye during a conversation. I don’t understand why I’m like that…it’s not like I always like what I see. I’m not completely EMO, there are certain attributes about myself that I don’t mind but for the most part a mirror is not my friend…and yet…there I am doing different vogue positions in my rearview on the way to work, narrowly escaping many car accidents I’m sure. I also talk about things going on in my life a lot without asking about others. I’m not totally selfish, I do try and do nice things for people but I feel like I take control of the conversation many times. I mean…obviously I like to use the letter “I” a lot or I wouldn’t have a blog about…who else? Me. There is not many things more self-indulgent than a blog. Maybe that’s why I started it so I would stop boring my poor friends and family to tears about the person I want to strangle at work or what I ate for lunch every day in the week. The point is, I am going to make a concerted effort to applaud others in their weight loss journey because they are your only partners that really understand what you are going through. I can’t stop looking into all mirrors and placing them at strategic angles so I look better because…that’s just me.
Alright, as I think I have mentioned before my best friend Jordan has an aunt who has had a pretty rough battle with breast cancer and we have started a website for her so people can follow up on her progress and also donate in order to help with the medical bills and travel expenses. If you would like to help, you can go to her website, and read about her and her beautiful family. If you can’t help monetarily, that’s fine, just please keep her in your prayers.

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  1. I'm keeping my hopes up that you won't get the swine clap...and that you'll be feeling well soon!!!
    Also, I find the mirror thing kinda adorable to be honest. And, once again, thanks for the website! It looks great!!!


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